What's new with Boomer!

Radar Gun!
Boomer now has the ability to detect ball speed. This is used to measure the serve speed in miles per hour, as well as all the groundstrokes. At the end of each drill, the user is given his average speed in miles per hour.

has also added an audio input with a 75 watt PA system so users can listen to their music while they play or drill. A 1/8" plug is used which is compatible with ipod's or mp3 players.

Interactive Drills!
drills automatically adjust their level based on the players performance. The better you play, the better Boomer plays. This allows the player to rapidly improve because they are being challenged up to and beyond their current skill level. Once they miss or start hitting short, Boomer backs down the level until they start consistently hitting deep. This cycle repeats for the duration of the drill.

Suspend Matches!
Boomer has added the ability to get the score at the start of a match. This allows players to suspend a match for later, or a coach to simulate a winning or losing situation to improve mental toughness.

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Boomer is based on the Shotmaker Deluxe, Sport Tutor's top-of-the-line professional ball machine. The Shotmaker's power, accuracy, versatility and dependability make it an excellent platform for Boomer. Sports Tutor has a superb reputation for reliability and sells more tennis ball machines than any other company in the world.